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  • The Settlement

    See [[New Varn]]. Also consider editing the link that brought you here so that it goes directly to [[New Varn]] instead.

  • Population

    |Age group|Humans|Dwarves|Elves|Halfling|Total| |Adolescents|12|6|6|2|26| |Young adults|22|12|12|2|48| |Adults|10|6|6|1|23| |Middle aged|10|6|6|1|23| ||||||| |In labor force|54|30|30|6|120| ||||||| |Children|24|6|6|4|40| |Seniors|11|6|0|1|18| …

  • New Varn

    Name: New Varn Domain: Barony of [[Sundland]] (hex [[1513]]) Market Class: VI Total Urban Investment: 15kgp Maximum Population: 250 families h4. Locations * Dockside Mews: Frequented by unlicensed prostitutes * [[Gothard Kruger]]'s home: …

  • New Liuchan

    Mountain village centered on [[Renshu Bai]]'s tower and the attached temple to [[Anash the Dreamer]]. Ruled by Renshu Bai and [[Crimson Cleo]]. Founded in late 300 AL by Renshu Bai and others fleeing the now-ruined settlement across the river from [[ …