Experience Awards

Character XP awards come from three primary sources:

Experience from Treasure

Treasure recovered and returned to civilization awards experience at the rate of 1 XP per gold piece value of coins, gems, jewelry, or other assorted treasure.

Any recovered equipment must be sold immediately on return to civilization to gain XP from its sale. If the equipment is used by the characters, or if they hold on to it for potential later use, no XP are awarded for its recovery.

Income from wages, business transactions, the recovery of monster parts, etc. award no XP, as these things are not treasure.

The ACKS system expects that approximately 80% of characters’ XP will come from treasure.

Experience from Monsters

Each monster killed awards a certain amount of experience based on its hit dice and special abilities. Half this amount is awarded for monsters which successfully flee; if the monster is encountered again and killed, the other half of the experience award may then be claimed.

Experience for Participation

To help smooth over periods of extended roleplaying or when little treasure is found, each player receives an additional 25 XP per hour of game play, which may be given to any character that he has played during that time.

Experience Awards

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