Characters or creatures who receive a full day of rest in reasonably sanitary conditions recover hit points equal to their Base Healing Rate (BHR). This rate is doubled under the care of a character with the Healing proficiency.

Total HP BHR
1-3 1d2
4-9 1d3
10-16 1d4
17-23 1d6
24-29 1d8
30-36 1d10
37-49 2d6
50-63 2d8
64-76 2d10
77-89 2d12
90-110 3d10
111-140 4d10
141-170 5d10
171+ 6d10 plus 1d10 per 30 HP over 170

Magical Healing

Magical healing effects are also scaled based on BHR.

Spell/Item Effect
Cure Light Wounds As one day rest
Cure Moderate Wounds As two days rest
Cure Major Wounds As three days rest
Cure Serious Wounds As four days rest
Cure Critical Wounds As five days rest
Lay on Hands As one day rest per 2 levels of the healer (rounded up)
Comfrey Half of one day’s rest
Potion of Healing As one day rest
Potion of Extra Healing As three days rest


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