Two hundred years ago, a region of the sea gained a reputation for being an accursed place. Ships traveling there often disappeared and few were ever seen again.

Three years ago, a ship carrying a seer passed through this area, disappeared, and returned a month later. The seer reported that she had felt a break in reality as the ship passed through an imperceptible gateway into another sea with the same sun, the same winds, the same skies, the same sea. Of course, the crew thought she was mad until they discovered an unknown island, not found on any of their charts.

The seer was able to divine the location of the gateway and guide the ship back through to its home world and thus the gateway became known as the Diviner’s Rift.

In the years since its discovery, a group of backers have arranged for a handful of seers to be taught the methods of locating the Rift and navigating safely through it. They have also located a captain brave enough to undertake the journey and deliver a group of colonists through the Rift to the island.


Diviner's Rift Joakim