Session 12


Darius 6/22 HP 189 XP
Enea Baldear 18/38 HP, Binky 15/28 HP 226 XP
Harald Hawthorne 7/22 HP 215 XP
James Ironbore 13/20 HP (1 day rested) 215 XP
Thorgrim Ironbore 3/27 HP 226 XP

Date: April 15-18, 302 AL


  • Engagement party for Kazimir Highdoor and Agnessa Ironbore; Varinka Silverlode lost an heirloom amulet
  • Investigated attack on Traugott farm, concluded that trolls were responsible
  • Established ruling council and selected Lady Enea to be Baroness of Sundland
  • Returned to cave where Kikkil cultists had been located and defeated a group of lizardmen

Session 12

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