Session 30


Darius CW 194 XP
- Markus Mauer CW 58 XP
Thorgrim Ironbore Joakim 203 XP Minor scarring
- Morg Deathstalk Joakim 60 XP
Enea Baldear Rekreativc 203 XP Damaged knee, 1 week bed rest
Ymira Talurgsla jeronimooo MIA

Date: Fri, Aug 01, 302 AL
Objective: Drive the orcs out from the Frothing Bear cave


  • Captured five orc females and one child, roughly equivalent to a 10-year-old girl, while they were gathering food near the river.
  • Found the cave entrance to be fortified, with a chest-height outer palisade providing cover to sentries and an inner palisade completely blocking the actual cave entrance. There were also a crane and a ballista in the area between the walls, along with two guards.
  • Thorgrim and Enea fought six orcs and a cave bear. They defeated the bear, then attempted to take down the remaining orcs with a fireball bolt tied to a ballista round. The shot went astray and hit the inner wall, blowing sections out of both walls, destroying the crane and ballista, killing most of the orcs, routing the two survivors, and incapacitating Thorgrim and Enea.
  • Ymira went in invisibly to seek revenge on Ubasun Nintu, but stumbled into an ambush. She evaded those orcs and continued deeper into the cave. Currently missing.
  • Darius started out following Ymira, then left her to her quest for vengeance and returned to the cave mouth, where he found the aftermath of Thorgrim and Enea’s battle, scared off a gang of orcs which was poking at them, then called on Morg and Markus to rescue the fallen warriors.
  • Lost equipment:
    • Potions of Giant Strength and Invisibility consumed, 1 fireball bolt used (2 remaining)
    • Thorgrim’s arbalest dropped in cave when engaged by bear and orcs
    • Enea’s Shou battleaxe dropped when the fireball knocked her out

Session 30

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