Harald Hawthorne

Harald Hawthorne (jeronimooo)

Chaotic Ruinguard 2
Male, Age 18

AC 17 (18) 19 HP (BHR 1d6) Initiative +1 Surprise +1
Move 20 (30) Encumbrance 7+1 (6+1) 7,401 / 7,700 XP (+5%)
FA 1 CA 1E TA -
Strength 14 (+1) Intelligence 16 (+2) Wisdom 13 (+1) Dexterity 16 (+2) Constitution 15 (+1) Charisma 12
Luck 0 (-9) Open Door 14 Detect Secret Door 18 Hear Noise 18 Find Traps 18
Petrify & Paralysis 12 Poison & Death 11 Blast & Breath 13 Staffs & Wands 13 Spells 14

Languages: Ancient Esh, Eirengarder, Eshkanti, Goblin, High Imperial, Low Imperial, Orc
Coinage: 16gp, 5sp, 15cp

Weapon Range To Hit Damage FA Stat Class Item
Sword - +2 1d6+2/1d8+2 (WF) 1 +1 - -
Class & Race Abilities
Sword, two-handed sword, battle axe, great axe, flail, whip (weapon and shield, two-handed)
All armor
+1 to melee damage
Arcane Striking (Channel spell through weapon attack for +1d6 damage per spell level)
Ancient Pacts (+2 on reaction rolls from intelligent chaotic monsters; intelligent chaotic monsters save at -2 vs. charm spells cast by the Ruinguard)
Immune to Fear
Dark Soul (Suffer a -1 per level penalty on the d20 when rolling on the Tampering With Mortality table)
Dark Charisma (Chaotic followers gain +1 morale when personally led by the Ruinguard)
Eldritch Magic
+1 to surprise and initiative
Berserkergang (+2 to hit and -2 to AC; cannot retreat from combat; once activated, cannot be ended until combat ends)
Fighting Fury (+2 to damage; cannot retreat from combat; once activated, cannot be ended until combat ends)
Healing 11+ (can treat up to 3 patients)
Intimidation (+1 on rolls to intimidate)
Weapon Focus (Swords and Daggers) (Double damage on crits)
O-yoroi armor (AC 5) (5)
Sword (.)
Shield (+1 AC) (1)
Spellbook ((1))

At home: Chainmail armor (AC 4), 5gp panther skin rug

Injuries: Left hand missing 1 finger, two lost teeth (-2 reactions from opposite sex and upper class NPCs)

Bed rest until August 4


Level 1 (1/day):

Sharpness (R: touch, D: 3 turns, white) Target weapon is equivalent to a +1 magic weapon. One casting can enchant up to 2 one-handed weapons, 1 two-handed weapon, or 20 arrows.

Ventriloquism (R: 60', D: 2 turns, white) Caster's voice appears to come from a location of his choice within range.

(free repertoire slot)

Henchman: Magrethe Altmann (50gp/month), left for Hohnberg May 26

Henchman: Ymira Talurgsla (100gp/month), July not paid, resigned until paid

Henchman: Lara Arkema (25gp/month), left for Hohnberg July 3

Harald Hawthorne

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