Session 13


Enea Baldear ??/38 HP 210 XP
Binky 8 XP
Harald Hawthorne 1/19 HP 200 XP
James Ironbore 1/20 HP, 1 week bed rest 174 XP
Thorgrim Ironbore 1/27 HP, 1 day bed rest 210 XP

Date: April 19-May 2, 302 AL


  • Inventoried loot from lizardfolk battle:
    • 10 javelins and 8 shields in various states of disrepair
    • High-quality warhammer with a fist-shaped head, hooked rear spike, and unusually long shaft
    • One potion (unidentified)
  • Reports of merfolk along the shore northeast of the stronghold
  • Torn up animals near stone bridge southeast of stronghold; believed to be due to dire wolves
  • Hilderic Frey fined and sentenced to 1 month forced labor for having reportedly stolen an heirloom amulet from Varinka Silverlode at the engagement party on April 15
  • Enea investigated burned ground and scorched deer carcasses near the woods southeast of the stronghold
  • Returned to the High Cave, battled giant roaches, and found that the lizardman survivors had left the cave
  • Attempted to track down the lizardmen
  • Encountered a giant near the river, which threw a tree in the group’s general direction, then left
  • Ambushed in the night by a group of Kueh samurai
    • Looted 4 suits of lamellar armor, 4 longbows, several arrows, 4 swords, and 45gp

Session 13

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