Session 14


Enea Baldear 22/38 HP 246 XP
- Binky 57 XP
Harald Hawthorne 11/19 HP 209 XP
James Ironbore 14/20 HP 235 XP
Thorgrim Ironbore 24/28 HP 246 XP

Date: May 3-7, 302 AL
Objective: Resume pursuit of lizardmen


  • Sold loot from previous encounters with lizardmen and Kueh samurai. Profits amounted to 45gp, 50sp each, with Enea’s share donated to the domain treasury.
  • Gothard Kruger opens a gambling hall in his home. Enea institutes gambling licenses.
  • PCs and Theodoric Knecht led two militia expeditions to burn the Fleshy Trees, fighting skeletons each time. In the second attempt, skeletons killed four spearmen and destroyed the hands of two others. After the trees were successfully burned, orders were issued to dig out and destroy their roots.
  • Returned to the High Cave and pursued a group of kobolds, killing a dozen of them.
  • Stopped in the High Cave apartment to have lunch and prepare to descend into the “well”.


  • 43sp, 149cp

Session 14

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