Session 16


Enea Baldear 24/38 HP 115 XP + 960 XP debt payoff
- Binky 451 XP
Harald Hawthorne 1,025 XP
Thorgrim Ironbore 26/28 HP 1,075 XP

Date: May 9-14, 302 AL


  • May 9: Miners excavating roots of the Fleshy Trees break through the roof of an underground chamber. Five are killed: one by falling in and four slain when a lizardman-like undead creature emerges. Hilderic Frey escapes in the commotion.
    • The Council investigates and finds that the bodies have been dragged away, but attempts to follow the trails are interrupted by shouts from the men making camp, where two spearmen have been found dead. The shadow of the lizardman-undead is spotted fleeing and Enea pursues. It injures her badly before continuing its flight.
    • Harald and Thorgrim recover an iron-bound chest from the underground chamber. The chest is eventually determined to contain 5ksp and 5kep.
  • May 10: Festival commemorating the founding of New Varn. During the festival, Thorgrim is approached by Yuri Highdoor, who asks for help locating his wife, Yulia Highdoor, who hasn’t been seen in two days. The Council eventually offers a 10gp reward for anyone who finds her.
  • May 11: The Council investigates the site of the May 9 accident more thoroughly, burning the bones in the underground chamber and finding a hallway with carved scenes depicting an ancient war between humans and lizardmen.
    • An angry mob drives the trade ship West Wind from port after its crew attempt to con them.
  • May 13: Thorgrim completes his arbalest and the Council begins searching the area north of town for signs of Yulia Highdoor.
  • May 14: The Council encounters and eliminates a nest of giant bombardier beetles north of town.

Session 16

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