Session 17


Harald Hawthorne 5/19 HP 192 XP
- Magrethe Altmann
Silithane 201 XP
Thorgrim Ironbore 201 XP


Theodoric Knecht 40 XP
Yuri Highdoor

Date: Thu, May 15 – June 4, 302 AL


  • May 19: Harald hires Magrethe Altmann as a henchman to act as purchasing agent in Hohnberg.
  • May 24: 1st Pikes and 1st Crossbows dispatched to exterminate a giant scorpion north of the river. The mission is completed with no losses.
  • June 1: Harald, Silithane, and Thorgrim are attacked by a panther while exploring north of the river. Harald loses one finger from his left hand.
  • June 4: Harald, Silithane, Thorgrim, Theodoric, and Yuri encounter five hippogriffs north of the river near earthen berms topped by twisted statues. Yuri is killed. Harald loses two teeth and has both arms broken. Only Theodoric survives unscathed.

Session 17

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