Session 18


Enea Baldear 160xp
James Ironbore 152xp
Thorgrim Ironbore 6/28 HP 160xp
Ymira Talurgsla 145xp

Date: Thu, Jun 5-7, 302 AL
Objective: Check statues that hippogriffs were guarding then deal with the orcs in the area of the settlement.


  • June 6: Enea Baldear grants an audience to Veddak That Without, who requests that she provide work for members of the Funerary Guild whose services are no longer in demand due to the barony no longer being affected by plague. She agrees and they are hired to work on the town’s defenses.
  • June 6: The elves Sea Blue Shudun, Sea Blue Kom the Mudcutter, and Liana Sea Blue report to town with three statues in the same style as those seen at the sight of the recent battle with the hippogriffs and request to have the value of the statues assessed for Adventuring Tax.
  • June 7: The council returns to the hippogriff lair, finding the remains of a young hippogriff apparently eaten by wolves, lying atop a shredded lionskin cloak with a silver clasp.
  • June 7: The council returns to the High Cave to clean out an orc warband which has been logging in the area. They defeat an orc guardpost, but James Ironbore and Ymira Talurgsla are both seriously wounded in the process.
  • Loot:
    • Silver cloak clasp (100gp value)
    • 10gp, 101sp, 69cp
    • 7 axes, 2 crossbows, 2 shortbows, 3 halberds (sold for 54gp, 4sp total)

Session 18

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