Session 19


Darius 1549 XP
- Kristin Kruger 735 XP
- Markus Mauer 735 XP
Enea Baldear 7/38 HP 1522 XP
- Binky 654 XP
Leonid Bellowgust 1453 XP
Poyus 1522 XP
- Alrond 687 XP
- Hans 735 XP
Thorgrim Ironbore 10/28 HP 1522 XP
- Morg Deathstalk 719 XP
- Richard the Fair 735 XP

Date: Sun, Jun 8-10, 302 AL


  • June 8: 1st Hohnberg Skirmishers sent to scout Firethrower Cave; did not return. Theodoric Knecht and 1st Hohnberg Crossbows sent to scout troll cave south of town; 1st Crossbows return and report that Theodoric was ambushed by trolls.
  • June 8: Recon report of giant centipedes south of town.
  • June 10: Council leads expedition to Firethrower Cave in search of 1st Skirmishers. In a series of skirmishes, they defeat a stone giant and three cave bears; there may still be additional bears in the throne room area of the cave.
    • All members of the 1st Skirmishers were located, but only two remained alive. Several body parts were missing from other members. The two survivors have resigned from service and will return to Hohnberg when they are fit to travel.
    • Two members of the 1st Hohnberg Pikes sustained mortal injuries. One died at the cave, while the other survived long enough to reach town, where he was successfully treated by Kirsa Knecht. The survivor will be forced to resign from field duty due to knee damage, but the remainder of the squad are prepared to continue in service.
    • Substantial loot was recovered from the cave (see below).
  • June 10: Farmers reported a giant scorpion nest near an Onyx Outcropping along the north shore of the bay. They believe at least 3 scorpions to be present.
Treasure Value (total)
3kgp 3000
Alabaster ring in the shape of a fish 800
Silver mask with inlaid gold symbol of a rapier entering the left cheek and exiting the right 3000
Wrought gold spurs engraved with unidentified symbols 700
Three eye-sized beads of colored glass 150
Azurite crystal 10
Silver cloak pin set with 6 moonstones 2000
Two large jars of aromatic spices 1600
Two detailed stone bonsai trees 1000
Golden eagle figurine clutching an alabaster key in its talons 1100
Total 13360
Usable Items (not sold)
Scroll: Treasure map (Elven) ???
Scroll: Ward vs. Undead (Ancient Esh) 500
Elven vial of clear indigo liquid ???
Elven vial of shiny ebony liquid ???
Elven vial of opaque cognac liquid ???

11.6 total loot shares (5 PCs + 7 henchmen + 31 troops) = 1151gp/share

  • PC: 1151gp – 151gp Adventuring Tax = 1000gp
  • Henchman: 575gp – 35gp Adventuring Tax = 540gp
  • Crossbowmen: 153gp
  • Pikemen: 127gp
  • Skirmishers: 51gp

Total Adventuring Tax: 1000gp

Session 19

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