Session 20


Enea Baldear Rekreativc 35/38 HP 315 XP
- Binky Rekreativc 21/28 HP 106 XP
Ymira Talurgsla jeronimooo 1/11 HP 286 XP
- Leonid Bellowgust jeronimooo 300 XP
Poyus Ranneko 315 XP
- Alrond Ranneko 111 XP
- Hans Ranneko 111 XP
Silithane Johan_H 315 XP
Thorgrim Ironbore Joakim 12/28 HP 315 XP
- Morg Deathstalk Joakim 117 XP
- Richard the Fair Joakim 111 XP

Date: Wed, Jun 11 – Thu, Jun 19, 302 AL
Objective: Rescue Theodoric Knecht; visit Renshu Bai


  • June 12: Attacked trolls south of Sundland territory in an attempt to rescue Theodoric. Saw one troll at the cave entrance, filled it full of crossbow bolts, then went home when it withdrew around a corner. Kirsa Knecht sorely disappointed at the failure to recover her brother.
  • June 13: Recon report: Giant scorpions moving in to the ruined building where the Council had previously encountered poisonous snakes on April 13.
  • June 14: Recon report: Another cave bear spotted near an old Shou hunting camp in the southern part of Sundland’s territory. Council opts to ignore it and it leaves without further incident.
  • June 14: Yulia Highdoor returned to New Varn and told of how her dreams led her to Renshu Bai, who has extended an invitation to meet with the people of New Varn.
  • June 16: Council set off to meet Master Renshu, along with Yulia as their guide and a security detail of three crossbowmen, three pikemen, and two skirmishers. Brought the alabaster fish ring from the giantess’ stash as a gift.
  • June 16: Discovered a waterwheel where a group of small-human-sized crystal statues are maintaining a giant-sized, four-armed crystal statue under the supervision of a porcelain servitor, awaiting the Emperor’s call to battle against the Tidespawn.
  • June 17: Tracked down a lair of giant weasels after one of them stole a trinket from one of the pikemen in the night. Defeated the weasels and recovered the trinket, but the pikeman was killed.
  • June 18: Attacked in the night by giant carnivorous flies.
  • June 19: Spotted a collapsed hilltop tower, which Yulia identified as belonging to Renshu Bai.

Session 20

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