Session 21


Darius CW 336 XP
- Kristin Kruger CW 168 XP
- Markus Mauer CW 168 XP
Enea Baldear Rekreativc 352 XP
- Binky Rekreativc 25/28 HP 160 XP
Poyus Ranneko 12/14 HP 352 XP
- Alrond Ranneko 168 XP
- Hans Ranneko 168 XP
Silithane Johan_H 21/24 HP 352 XP
Thorgrim Ironbore Joakim 352 XP
- Morg Deathstalk Joakim 6/7 HP 176 XP
- Richard the Fair Joakim 6/11 HP 168 XP

Date: Thu, Jun 19 – Fri, Jun 20, 302 AL


  • June 19: Darius arrived at New Liuchan with news of troll attacks on Sundland, forcing the group to cut their visit short. Renshu Bai provided Thorgrim with some crossbow bolts which he said might be useful against trolls. Silithane visited the temple of Anash the Dreamer, the local god. They also met Crimson Cleo, Renshu Bai’s consort and second-in-command.
  • June 20: The Council did a forced march back to New Varn to organize defenses against that night’s troll attack. Two trolls were defeated at the outer wall, while two more were killed in an open-field battle which concluded with Thorgrim using one of Renshu Bai’s magic bolts. Unfortunately, the magical blast from the bolt incinerated all of the barony’s remaining pikemen and heavily burned most of the others present.
  • Total garrison casualties, as of the night of June 20:
    • 7 pikemen and 3 skirmishers dead
    • 5 pikemen requiring 17 HP of healing within 24 hours to survive
    • 1 pikeman requiring 7 HP of healing within 24 hours to survive
    • 1 skirmisher stable, but in need of 1 week bed rest
  • Losses to pillaging by the trolls:
    • 88gp damage to stronghold
    • Losses to population not yet known
    • Material losses not yet known

Session 21

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