Session 22


Darius CW 1/22 HP 79 XP
- Kristin Kruger CW 315 XP, Resigned
- Markus Mauer CW 0 XP, Resigned
Ymira Talurgsla jeronimooo 10/11 HP 75 XP
- Leonid Bellowgust jeronimooo Dead
Thorgrim Ironbore Joakim 1/28 HP 82 XP
- Morg Deathstalk Joakim 6/7 HP 330 XP, Resigned
- Richard the Fair Joakim 1/11 HP 0 XP
Silithane Johan_H 10/24 HP 412 XP
- Mystic retainer Johan_H Dead
- Priestess retainer Johan_H 0 XP
Poyus Ranneko 12/14 HP 412 XP, Leveled
- Hans Ranneko 158 XP
Enea Baldear Rekreativc 17/38 HP 412 XP
- Binky Rekreativc 25/28 HP 0 XP

Date: Fri, Jun 20 – Wed, Jun 25, 302 AL
Objective: Clear the trolls from the cave south of town


  • June 21: Still exhausted from their hurried return from New Liuchan, everyone who can still walk goes to the cave. Ymira scouts inside, learning that Theodoric Knecht is still alive, as are six other prisoners from Sundland, but she is cornered by three female trolls and forced to use the goose-feather cloak captured from the Kikkil cultists to escape. Meanwhile, the others are ambushed by a large, sword-wielding troll. The troll critically wounds Hans and Ymira’s horse, then Kristin uses four of Renshu Bai‘s fireball bolts to kill it, along with Leonid and Silithane’s mystic retainer.
  • June 21: A large swarm of stirges are spotted north of town.
  • June 22: One of the conscripts leaves his post and is seen along the shore southeast of town, near the Sunken Hamlet.
  • June 22: Flying lizards are seen slaughtering mutated humanoids near the Millpond in hex 1614.
  • June 22-23: Kristin takes an overnight trip to New Liuchan to seek trade information. She gets little actual information at this time, but Renshu Bai is willing to offer information in exchange for “relatively fresh” Shou heads.
  • June 23: Giant scorpions are reported to be fighting orcs south of town.
  • June 24: Suspicious-looking human seen in the vicinity of the Sunken Hamlet.
  • June 25: Having taken time to recover from their injuries, the Council returns again to the troll cave along with the 1st Hohnberg Crossbows.

Session 22

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