Session 23


Thorgrim Ironbore Joakim 1178 XP, Level 5
- Richard the Fair Joakim 522 XP
Silithane Johan_H 1178 XP, Level 5
- Birgith Stormglory Johan_H 0 XP
- Elfit Johan_H 498 XP
Poyus Ranneko 1178 XP
Enea Baldear Rekreativc 1178 XP
- Binky Rekreativc 25/28 HP 498 XP
Ymira Talurgsla jeronimooo 1071 XP
- Lara Arkema jeronimooo 547 XP

Date: Wed, Jun 25 – Tue, Jul 01, 302 AL
Objective: Finish off the trolls in Silge’s Cave


  • Learned that the trolls had been lead by Zagbub, whose favored wife, Silge took over after his death. Also learned that there is an orc settlement to the south named Ebbabar.
  • Rescued Theodoric Knecht and five of the six other prisoners. Theodoric suspects that Zagbub’s sword (now held by Silge) allows the trolls to speak human languages.
  • Established a truce with the trolls in exchange for providing them two cows or three non-Ebbabar orcs per 5 days, but this payment has been covered in advance for some time by giving them the remains of a giant worm which attacked the party’s camp in the night (and ate one member of the 1st Hohnberg Crossbows). Also found in the worm’s gut were 3000gp, a golden scarab (2000gp value), and a gold-trimmed marble scepter (2000gp value).
  • June 25: The Sealion arrives in port to trade, also bringing an author selling his latest book and Hildegard Altmann, an envoy from Thusundi Amalric Gram “requesting” Enea’s presence in Hohnberg. Enea arranges to send a substitute in her place and pay a special tax instead.
  • June 26: Scouts report that the orcs in the High Cave appear to have received reinforcements.
  • June 26: The Merchants Fraternity begins construction of a guildhouse.
  • July 1: Heavy storms damage the Sealion and produce a tornado which nearly hits New Varn.

Session 23

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