Session 24


Darius CW 101 XP
Dismas Gestas God45 101 XP
- Hieronymus Napalm IXX God45 13 XP
Thorgrim Ironbore Joakim 106 XP
- Richard the Fair Joakim 12 XP
Harald Hawthorne jeronimooo Incap to July 4 101 XP
- Ymira Talurgsla jeronimooo 12 XP
- Lara Arkema jeronimooo 0 XP

Date: Wed, Jul 2 – Fri, Jul 11, 302 AL


  • Located a patrol of seven orcs in bilious green and brown armor, but the attempt to ambush them was spoiled by Dismas’ dogs. The orcs were defeated, but at the cost of crippling Darius’ legs. The orc leader was brought back for medical treatment and interrogation, but Kirsa Knecht was unable to save him and he died in the night.
  • Returned to the sight of the skirmish the following day to collect the bodies and their gear and found four giant shrews digging for the meat, which were easily dispatched.

Usable loot:

  • 5gp, 95sp, 83cp (2.55gp/share)
  • 7 battle axes (6x 14sp to repair, 1x 56sp to repair)
  • 6 spears (1 in good shape, 4x 6sp to repair, 1x 12sp to repair)
  • 7 leather armor (1 in good shape, 4x 4gp to repair, 2x 8gp to repair)
  • 6 shields (6x 2gp to repair)

Session 24

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