Session 25


Thorgrim Ironbore Joakim 136 XP
- Richard the Fair Joakim 25 XP
James Ironbore Ranneko 130 XP
- Poyus Ranneko 26 XP
- Hans Ranneko 25 XP
- Alrond Ranneko 25 XP
Enea Baldear Rekreativc 136 XP
- Binky Rekreativc 24 XP

Date: Sat, Jul 12 – Mon, Jul 14, 302 AL


  • Approximately 3 dozen orcs followed the wagon tracks back to New Varn, where Zummabu Karkar of the Leprous Hand tribe demanded weregild for the patrol killed on July 9. He was paid off with the cremated remains of the orcs and a pair of eye-sized glass beads from the Treasury, then arrangements were made for an additional meeting on July 28 to discuss access to the dungeon beneath their cave.
  • A bruised female elf farmer delivered a message from Silge demanding to speak with the Council at her cave, where she returned the bodies of the orc patrol and berated the humans for their failure to identify the orcs as being from Ebbabar.
  • On the way to Silge’s cave, the expedition were attacked by a pair of giant scorpions. Though the scorpions were defeated, several of Sundland’s troops fell in the fight:
    • 1st Sundland Light Spear: Spine severed at the waist. Died.
    • 2nd Hohnberg Skirmishers #1: Spine broken at the neck. Died.
    • 2nd Hohnberg Skirmishers #2: Massive brain trauma. Died.
    • 1st Hohnberg Crossbows: Dead in a pile of mangled bones and flesh.
    • 1st Sundland Light Cavalry: Horse killed.
    • Surviving members of 2nd Hohnberg Skirmishers resigned from service and will be returning to Hohnberg on the next available ship.

Session 25

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