Session 28


Darius CW 120 XP
- Markus Mauer CW 42 XP
Thorgrim Ironbore Joakim 126 XP
- Richard the Fair Joakim 42 XP
James Ironbore Ranneko 120 XP
- Poyus Ranneko 44 XP
- Hans Ranneko 42 XP
- Alrond Ranneko 42 XP
Enea Baldear Rekreativc 126 XP
- Binky Rekreativc 40 XP
Harald Hawthorne jeronimooo 120 XP
- Ymira Talurgsla jeronimooo 36 XP

Date: Mon, Jul 21 – Mon, Jul 28, 302 AL
Objective: Meet with orcs and arrange a longer-lasting truce


  • Bandits from Sundland population ambushed the orcs during the meeting. While Enea and the orc leader were cooperating to take out the bandits, one orc gang attacked the rest of the council, leading Thorgrim to fireball the orc leaders, turning it into a free-for-all. Most of the orcs were defeated, but the orc leaders and most of the bandits escaped.
  • Items collected from the fallen:
    • 28gp, 298sp, 312cp
    • Bandit gear: 4x hide armor, sling, flail, and shield
    • Orc gear: 15x axe, 5x sword, 5x crossbow, 5x spear, 10x shortbow, 5x chain armor, 15x leather armor, 15x shield

Session 28

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