Ymira Talurgsla

Ymira Talurgsla (jeronimooo)

Lawful Enchanter 3
Female, Age 90

AC 11 11 HP (BHR 1d4) Initiative - Surprise -
Move 40 Encumbrance 2+1 (1+1) 7,756 / 10,800 XP (+-10%)
FA 0 CA 3E TA -
Strength 11 Intelligence 15 (+1) Wisdom 14 (+1) Dexterity 14 (+1) Constitution 4 (-2) Charisma 10
Luck 0 (-9) Open Door 18 Detect Secret Door 8/14 Hear Noise 18 Find Traps 18
Petrify & Paralysis 12 Poison & Death 13 Blast & Breath 15 Staffs & Wands 11 Spells 11

Languages: Eirengarder, Elven, Gnoll, Hobgoblin, Low Imperial, Orc
Coinage: 790gp, 4sp, 89cp

Weapon Range To Hit Damage FA Stat Class Item
Staff - 0 1d4/1d6 0 - - -
Sling 45/90/180 +1 1d4 0 +1 - -
Class & Race Abilities
May fight with staff, dagger, darts, or slings
May not use shields, dual wield, or wear any kind of armor
Cast eldritch spells (Kuan Amelatu)
Mastery of Charms and Illusions: +2 CA, -2 to resist/disbelieve
Prestidigitation 16+
Glamorous aura: + 2 to impress or intimidate; 12+ acts as if charmed
+1 surprise in the wilderness
Immune to ghoul paralysis
Unending Vigil: Never sleeps. Still need 8 hours calm to recover spells.
Favored of the Grave: Will not be attacked by mindless undead of equal or lower HD unless provoked.
Protection from Undead: +1 AC and and saving throws vs. undead creatures
Alchemy 11+
Collegiate Wizardry 11+
Sensing Power: 60', 24 hours
Staff (1)
Sling (.)
Spellbook ((1))

Notable scarring

Permanently addled from brain trauma (-2 on Magical Research and proficiency throws; -10% XP)

Bed rest to August 11


Level 1 (2/day):

Corpselight (R: touch, D: special, white) The phosphorescent radiance of the grave is evoked in a fragment of bone, leather, hair, or some other remnant of a once-living creature. The glow extends out 30 feet around the object and can be damped at the necrolator’s will. The light remains until it is dispelled or the object is destroyed, or the necrolator creates a new corpselight.

Scent of the Grave (R: 30' radius, D: CA turns, white) The necrolator is sensitive to the presence of the unquiet dead. When cast, this spell will reveal to the caster whether or not an undead creature has been present in the area within the past month, along with a general impression of its type. While the spell duration holds, the caster can track the entity back along its path.

Touch of Night (R: self, D: 1 turn, grey) The caster’s hand or blade is charged with a black nimbus of deathly force. On the first successful attack made before the spell expires, the force discharges into a foe to do an additional 1d8 damage and weakening them for a -2 penalty to their hit roll for the remainder of the spell’s duration.

Level 2 (1/day):

Deathly Sight (R: self, D: CA turns, white) The necrolator sees as the dead see. For the duration of the spell, they can see clearly through perfect darkness and distinguish at a glance the living from the undead – even those that otherwise appear as normal human beings.

Sleep (R: 240', D: 4d4 turns, grey) Targets one creature of 4+1 HD or 2d8 HD of creatures having 4 HD or less, starting with the lowest-HD creatures and treating creatures with less than 1 HD as 1 HD. Affected creatures are helpless and can be killed in one round by an unengaged combatant. Slapping or wounding an affected creature will wake it, but normal noise will not. Has no affect on creatures which are unconscious, undead, or otherwise do not rest.

Ymira Talurgsla

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